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Zicom - Winches and Mooring Systems
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Zicom was first established as a manufacturer of marine deck machinery in 1978. We have since grown into a total engineering solutions provider, recognized as a regional leader in the design and manufacture of equipment used for marine, offshore, construction and industrial. Our strong commitment to equipment safety and usability has been duly recognized in the industry. Our clientele consist of major government agencies such as the China Salvage and Rescue Bureaus, and leading operators such as Tide-water, Bourbon and Consolidated Projects Limited.

In this fast changing engineering industry, we blend our engineering expertise with new technology to provide the best solution to meet customers’ needs and industry demands. Achieving this requires strong recognition of human resource. A company can only be as trustworthy and effective as its staff. In our endeavor for product development, we have established strategic partnership with renowned universities and end-users for research and product development.

Windlass, capstan and other auxiliary winches

We supply windlass, complete with class certificates for all vessels. For off-shore support vessels, the windlass are designed and built not only to meet class requirements but also operational needs where windlass duty ratings are greatly increased to match specific requirements. For tugs of harbor and escort duty, the hawser drums have the options of built-in automatic rope render-recovery feature, complete with rope tension, length readout and an emergency release system. For simple mooring applications, users can opt to have tension, length readout, winch controls at remote / wheelhouse for out-of-sight operation. Tension control system can also built into the system, allow the moored vessel to compensate for draft changes during loading/unloading operations or tidal changes

Capstans, tuggers and storage winches are designed for harsh environment ensuring operation safety and reliability. 

Anchor-handling / towing winches

These winches are designed for safe anchor-handling and towing winch services. Strong sturdy structural design coupled with a conservative hydraulic drive system ensures operational reliability and safety. These winches are available in single or multiple drum configurations, tailored to user requirements. Single and dual drive systems are also available. In addition, the winches are fitted with an emergency release system, operational even during dead-ship with both brake and clutch engaged. The winches can be fitted with gypsy to handle user-specified rig chain size.

For towing services, the winches are designed to meet Noble Denton and Classification society requirements.

Mooring systems

Our system comprises of multiple winches for mooring operations. These winches are designed to allow faster anchor deployment and secured mooring. The winches also posses emergency release with coordinated multiple winch release function. Strong sturdy structural design ensures operational reliability and safety. The winches are controlled via a central console, providing the user with wire rope tension and length readouts and programmable mooring parameter.

The required guiding sheaves and fairleaders for the wire ropes are supplied as part of the mooring system. Rope guiding system is designed for minimum friction losses and reduced wear on the wire rope. Rope tension sensing devices are incorporated into the sheaves.  

Other solutions

We provide customized solutions to meet specific user requirements. These include hydraulic-scissors lift, landing-craft davits, spooling winch, bunkering boom and hydraulic presses.


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