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YWCT - Water-Cooling Towers
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Yerushalmi Water Cooling Towers (YWCT) has been Israel's leading water-cooling tower manufacturer since 1966. During its years of activity, YWCT has become an industry leader with records for thousands of water-cooling towers in a vast variety of industry sectors, in both local and international markets.

As a Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) member, YWCT constantly updates and improves its products to meet the highest standards of the industry.

Turnkey service for water-cooling towers

We offer our customers an end-to-end solution regarding water-cooling towers, including consultation, design, manufacture, installation, supervision and maintenance.

We specialise in customising our products to our customers' needs, tailoring the right solutions to meet the requirements of customers' operations and engineering departments. Production is done in-house at our premises in Ashkelon, Israel. When a field-erected cooling tower is supplied, YWCT sends its experienced field teams to the project site for complete installation of the cooling tower.

Industrial water-cooling towers and degasifiers

YWCT offers a wide range of water-cooling towers and degasifiers made of cement, steel and reinforced fibreglass, for the industrial sector. At YWCT, you'll find a combination of theoretical engineering and practical know-how on cooling towers.

We manufacture both factory-made, packaged cooling towers and field-erected large-scale cooling towers. Our models include crossflow cooling towers and counterflow cooling towers in all sizes and capacities, designed as per required specifications. Our main product lines are as follows.

Counterflow cooling towers

FRPP series counterflow cooling towers, made of pultruded FRP (casing and infrastructure), are specially designed for corrosive environments. These field-erected, large-scale cooling towers are used in the power generation industry as well as in other sectors.

Concrete cooling towers

CING series counterflow concrete cooling towers are designed for the power generation industry as well as for other sectors.

Plug-and-play cooling systems

Our plug-and-play cooling systems are cooling towers integrated with complementary sub-systems. These skid-mounted systems include, in addition to cooling towers, other components such as pumps, heat exchangers, automatic filters, and water treatment and bleeding systems.

Packaged FRP cooling towers

P series packaged FRP cooling towers are built-to-last products that suit all industrial applications, featuring a unique design as a strong, steel-less structure. The P series can be provided with either PVC film fill or polypropylene fill for high-temperature inlet water.

Steel modular cooling towers

SING series modular cooling towers are made of steel. Whether factory-fabricated or field-erected, the SING's small footprint is ideal for installations where space is limited.

Crossflow FRP cooling towers

PIRG series crossflow FRP cooling towers are a premium series designed for harsh weather conditions or corrosive environments. Their forced-draft appearance makes these low-profile cooling towers perfect for height-limited installations.

Heavy-duty FRP cooling towers

PING series heavy-duty FRP cooling towers are designed for harsh conditions. A combination of FRP and stainless steel maximises the PING's cooling capacity with minimum footprint.

Cooling towers for autoclaves

YWCT offers special plug-and-play cooling towers for autoclaves used by the aerospace and food industries, as well as glass and rubber manufacturers.

Degasifiers and air strippers

Our degasifiers and air strippers are based on cylinder concrete cement or FRP tanks. Typical gases removed are SO2, H2S, SO3 and CO2. YWCT's air strippers are custom-designed up to 14m diameter, with a flow rate of 10,000m³/hr.


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