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Turbine Services Limited - Large Frame GE, Gas Turbine Replacement Parts
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Turbine Services Ltd
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Turbine Services Limited (TSL®) is the pioneer in supplying non-OEM replacement parts for General Electric heavy duty gas turbines.

GE heavy duty gas turbine parts

TSL offers a comprehensive range of products for GE heavy duty gas turbines. Our product lines cater directly to the latest style parts for both generative drive and mechanical drive turbines, including:

  • MS 3002
  • MS 6001
  • MS 5002
  • MS 7001
  • MS 5001
  • MS 9001
  • MS 5 Hi-Tech

TSL also offers an optional up-rated kit with its combustion parts. The Service Life Plus package (SL+™) engineered and manufactured by TSL includes newly designed combustion parts with improved lifecycle.

Engineered turbine components

TSL parts are manufactured using TSL’s unique combination of turbine specific engineering, manufacturing and testing, ensuring the highest quality product for our customers.

Since 1972 TSL has engineered more than 600 turbine components, including more than 50 rotating blade styles, equiaxed and directionally solidified. We manufacture 30 different varieties of stationary vanes and diaphragms made of high strength nickel alloys and corrosion resistant cobalt alloys.

With 35 years’ experience supplying parts, representing millions of aggregate turbine operating hours, TSL's vast engineering expertise has helped us establish a reputation as a reliable source for the manufacturing of gas turbine replacement parts.

Improved gas turbine combustion parts

TSL engineering has developed the SL+ package of improved gas turbine combustion parts. SL+ combustion components increase unit availability by extending the gas turbine combustion inspection interval beyond industry standards. This is achieved by improved clearances, addition of wear resistant materials and addition of thermal barrier coating.

Turbine replacement parts manufacturing

TSL parts are manufactured by an array of TSL qualified suppliers. Our suppliers all work to detailed TSL specifications, which ensures the highest level of product uniformity and quality. Moreover, our onsite audit and technical support programs allow our engineers to control and monitor all areas of manufacture.

The qualification and selection of TSL suppliers has also been key to the quality of our components. Backed by our ISO 9001:2000 programs we have developed stringent vendor approval qualifications with first article qualification on all turbine replacement parts. All of our suppliers use modern manufacturing technologies to continuously improve product quality and reduce development cycles.


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