TSV - Repair and Maintenance of Power Transformers

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TSV - Repair and Maintenance of Power Transformers
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Transformateurs Solutions Venissieux
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Transformateurs Solutions Venissieux (TSV) carries out repairs, maintenance and modifications to all kinds of transformers in the power industry. The company is based in France and has been operating since 1922.

Repair, upgrade and adaption of transformers

When a transformer is not functioning correctly, repairs are needed and TSV has three workshops for this task.

In its facilities on the outskirts of Lyon, TSV has equipment capable of lifting loads of up to 120t; this is in addition to autoclaves and drying ovens, diagnostic tools, winding machines and high-voltage testing equipment.

As well as repairing transformers, TSV can check for defects and adjust and re-qualify older models to meet the specifications of the customer. Services include upgrading, modifying the voltage and ensuring that they comply with regulations and standards. These services can be done from TSV workshops or onsite.

Assessment, diagnosis and consulting services for power transformers

TSV has more than 86 years' experience with all different types of power transformers and the environments they operate in, which allows the company to offer customers with optimum solutions and services.

TSV engineers gather all the relevant data on the transformers' operations onsite, with analysis carries out to determine any defects and then carry out the necessary repairs to get equipment running

Services provided by our technical department include feasibility studies, calculations for sizing, testing for high and low-voltages, frequence response analysis (FRA) testing, risk studies and determining impacts on the environment, as well as analysis of dissolved gas onsite with fast results.

Onsite services for power plants

Due to the amount of services, expertise, equipment and machinery provided, TSV's generates an annual turnover from onsite maintenance of around €7m.

Services include leakage and general repairs, cabling, oil treatment and analysis with instant results, treatments for corrosion, transport, as well as work on the cooling system and transformer components.

TSV has met ISO 9001 standards since 1996 and ISO 9001:2000 since 2003. In addition, the company has met ISO: 14001 since 2006.

Transformer operations and maintenance in power applications

Transformer maintenance carried out by TSV covers five main areas:

  • Oil analysis. This allows our experienced staff to diagnose the functionality of a transformer and the liquid is it insulated by. Results from this can highlight exactly what additional work needs doing
  • Treatment of oil. This results in improving the quality of a vital liquid for the transformer to operate
  • Maintenance to the load tap changer. Typically regarded as the least reliable part of the transformer, the load tap changer has components that need controlling and replacing in accordance with the maintenance timetable
  • Repair of leakages. The transformer sealing contains mineral oil, which has a vital role to play due to prolonged heating of the transformer resulting in the gaskets becoming damaged and increase the likelihood of a leak. This presents danger for not only the transformer, but also increases the chances of pollution
  • Maintenance to accessories that protect equipment and cool parts

Complete services for load tap changers

TSV has been providing a comprehensive range of products and services for load tap changers since 2002. The company has the facilities, equipment and experience in after-sales service for the items and services it provides. TSV has installed more than 6,000 load tap changers in France and internationally.

Depending on the services required, work can take place in a specialist workshop or onsite. Preventative and complete maintenance can both be carried out, as well as upgrades of components.

TSV also provide the full range of services for the off-load tap changers.


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