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Teli marine
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Afzal saiyad
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Ask TELI MARINE  for quotations when you need New, OEM, Used or Secondhand, Spare Parts for SKL Marine Equipments ,  SKL Marine Engines , SKL  Diesel Generators & Genset , SKL Second Hand & Used & New & Reconditioned or Recondition Spare parts such as ( Crankshaft , Cylinder head , Piston Pin , Piston Ring , Connecting Rod , Cylinder Liner , Engine Bearings , Engine Valves , Valve Seats , Valve Cages , Guides , Springs , Valve Rotators Fuel injection Systems Parts , Cylinder Head Gasket Sets  , Cylinder Block , Cylinder Cover , Camshaft , Piston ) 
Our major business contacts and partners was concluded with enterprises in ( Asia, America and Europe ): Netherland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Romania, Sweeden, Latvia, Luthuania, France, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, MSKL, Nigeria, Senegal, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Russia,Holland, Dubai, Ukraine and etc.... 
Our product range includes: New OEM & Used & Recondition  Marine Spares, Marine Diesel Engines , Diesel Engines , Genset , Gensets ,Marine Diesel Generator , Crankshaft , Camshaft , Piston , Cylinder head , Cylinder Block , Main Engine , Cylinder Liner , Bearing , Spare Part , Marine Spares , Piston Pin , Piston Crown, Piston Rings for B&W, Yanmar  Barjan Wartsila Alan Daihatsu  , SKL ,  Nohab , Niigata , Cummins , Detroit Diesel , Perkins Marine all Diesel  Engines or Powerplants and spares parts