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Power Technics - Electrical Engineering Products and Services
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Power Technics is a leading provider of electrical engineering products and solutions. Our mission is to provide superior electrical engineering solutions to the energy and sustainable energy industries, including products and services in the fields of automation and controls distribution, lighting engineering and cable management.

Our products include:

  • Low-voltage switchgear
  • High-voltage switchgear
  • Cable management systems, including LAN cabinets
  • Light fixtures and luminaires

Low-voltage switchgear

Power Technics is the official distributor for renowned brands like Telemechanique and Merlin Gerlin, which are part of Schneider Electric, France. We are also licensed by Schneider Electric to manufacture the BLOKSET range of low-voltage switchboards, motor control centres and power factor correction banks. We have been awarded the Diamond Mark of Quality by the Kenya Bureau of Standards for the BLOKSET range of switchboards and distribution boards.

High-voltage switchgear

We have a dedicated team to handle high-voltage switchgears and transformers. The team has a combined experience of over 60 years in the field of building sub-stations for 66kV and 33kV. The 11kV range is stocked in Kenya for the regional market.

Power Technics manufactures high-voltage switchgear branded Nex Simba® under licence by Schneider Electric. Nex Simba is an indoor switchgear assembly built to meet electrical distribution needs from 1kV to 17.5kV. It complies with the IEC-62271-200.

Cable management systems

Power Technics manufactures several types of cable management / support systems, such as cable trays, cable ladders / racks, skirting trunking, standard trunking, service pillars, mounting brackets and LAN cabinets for servers and networking equipment.

All of these systems are custom-designed to accommodate each client's specific cable management needs.

LAN cabinets

Power Technics is the market leader in the manufacture of high-quality LAN cabinets for various applications. Wall-mounted units of 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U and free-standing units of 12U, 17U, 22U, 27U, 32U, 37U, 42U are standard production items.

The LAN cabinets can be custom-designed for special applications, including options like drawout rack, cable management, sockets outlets, low db noise fans, castors, etc. The cabinets are available with glass front doors or perforated doors.

Light fixtures and luminaires

Power Technics manufactures and distributes light fixtures and fittings. We also offer lighting design solutions by working with architects and contractors to ensure that your vision is achieved. Our light fittings include surface light fittings, recessed light fittings, decorative light fittings and street light fittings.

Power Technics is the official distributor for Thorn lighting. An extensive range of imported Thorn luminaires are kept in stock and also manufactured under licence from Thorn. Using CNC machines, CAD technology and powder coating systems, luminaires for industrial and commercial installation are manufactured and supplied at short notice. Luminaires are also exported to neighbouring countries.

Power Technics is an official distributor for GE Lighting. A complete range of lamps imported from GE is stocked and marketed in East Africa.


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