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Power Capacitors - Power Factor Correction Equipment and Services
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Power Capacitors is synonymous with power factor correction, having specialised in power quality since 1973. Whether you need a quick telephone consultation or a full set of surveys and specifications we are always willing to make ourselves available.

We have developed a scope of products and services second to none in the power quality field. These include the distribution of motor and power electronics capacitors, as well as the servicing, maintenance and installation of any type of power factor correction equipment.

Technical support for power factor correction equipment

Our technical support team is always available to discuss your requirements, either by phone or in person. Maybe you have concerns about the operation of your existing equipment whatever the manufacturer, or need an upgrade or service. Perhaps a quick and free site survey could help you decide whether power factor correction is the way forward for you?

Maybe you have tried various solutions to an existing power quality problem and just need some free friendly advice? You may need technical documentation or confirmation of operating criteria. Whatever the problem, if it's to do with power quality you can count on Power Capacitors.

Power factor correction equipment - overview

Ofgem are insisting that power companies penalise users of high reactive power, resulting in high penalties added to electricity bills for industrial consumers. Power factor correction can completely remove the compulsory charges levied on consumers with a poor power factor. The savings achieved can amount to many thousands of pounds a year, depending on consumption. Installing power factor correction equipment has no effect on machine performance but brings numerous additional benefits.

A reduction in power demand will inevitably reduce a company's carbon footprint considerably as well as enabling a huge reduction in maintenance and strain on the cabling and components. Our power factor correction systems regularly calculate a payback period of under two years and will comfortably remain in service for up to 15 years with regular maintenance.

Automatic PFC cubicles - PowerCab and PowerCabPlus

The PowerCab and PowerCabPlus range of power factor correction cabinets have a proven pedigree in finding the perfect balance between cost, performance and flexibility. Our offering includes popular and common ratings from 50kVAr to 450kVAr with both standard and de-tuned systems incorporating a range of dimensions, incoming cable arrangements and stage sizes.

The PowerCab range is suitable for use on standard systems while the PowerCabPlus range includes detuning reactors for use on systems prone to harmonic distortion. We are capable of offering the same quick turnaround on any non-standard design requirements for more challenging applications.

Power factor correction equipment maintenance and service

Most power factor correction equipment will work seamlessly in the background; however, when capacitors fail it can easily go unnoticed until long after the energy bills arrive. Power Capacitors has a team of skilled engineers available throughout the UK, providing regular servicing and maintenance to all makes of power factor correction equipment. This ensures that the rated output is maintained, maximising the financial and technical benefits.

Realtime switching with PowerCabFast systems

For most applications a regular switching relay will work effectively. In extreme circumstances where intermittent or extreme loads are involved then instant switching is the solution. By using semiconductor switches and the latest in microprocessor-based controllers, almost instantaneous switching can be achieved. All PowerCabFast systems are detuned, and include the optimised smaller stages of the PowerCabPlus range.

Power factor correction - site service and support

If you are unsure whether power factor correction can benefit you we can provide a survey and some accurate calculations free of charge - just give us a call. We are also able to provide you with load profiling and harmonic surveys along with interpretation and recommendations.

If you need specification support to incorporate any kind of power quality equipment into your existing product or service then we can provide expert unbiased advice.

Why choose Power Capacitors?

  • Our efficient ISO 9001 approved manufacturing facility enables quick delivery of power factor correction equipment
  • The PowerCab and PowerCabPlus provide outstanding performance coupled with impressive payback periods of between one and two years
  • For nearly 40 years we have led the way in technology and reliability and are acknowledged specialists in the field of power quality
  • We not only supply your product but also enable servicing and maintenance and provide a reliable source of information
  • We are a BS EN ISO9001:2008 quality assured manufacturer, we work to safe contractor and BSI approvals, and we are an NIC registered company and member of BEAMA


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