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Marine Technical Experts was established in 2010 and our ship repair services are certified with ISO 9001:2008. Our aim is to offer a large variety of services in the challenging and demanding global field of shipping with top quality. The purpose of this website is not only to keep informed our current and future clients about the services we provide, but also to offer all the necessary support and communication to our clientele.

Marine Technical Experts tries to offer integrated solutions in the field of marine services, such as ship repairs, with high quality, efficiency, rapidity and reliability. Moreover, safety rules are very important to us and for that reason we always follow the safety rules to ensure the safety of our employees and everybody else’s that can be affected by our services.

Marine Technical Experts’ personnel are available 24 hours per day, every day to provide all the necessary support that will be needed by our clientele. We are always willing to offer our advices on matters that trouble our clients and they need a trusted professional who will give a critical and worthy help.

We repair two-stroke and four-stroke engines of any type. Marine Technical Experts' personnel have lot of years of experience in the demanding field of ship repairs.

All our employees have previously worked for firms that were certified by M.A.N - B & W, Wartsila, Daihatsu and Yanmar. Therefore, our firm can guarantee for the best possible outcome and client’s satisfaction.

Our engineers are available to provide the requested on site attendance with the ultmost responisbility and effectiveness (inspection and repair) all over the world.

The secret of our success is to "treat" all engines as different and unique "personalities". It is our belief that even two engines, same type and of same maker/constructor are different and therefore different approach should be applied in order to achieve results and top quality outcome.

Our secret of success is that we treat all engines as different and unique “personalities”. We believe that even two engines of the same type from the same constructor are totally different and therefore we apply different approaches to achieve the appropriate top outcome for each case.

We offer our services to all types of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel generators, auxiliary engines, electrical motors and turbochargers. So, we can provide all the necessary repairs and maintenance to Bulk carriers, Tankers, OO-Ore/Oil carriers, OBO-Ore/Bulk/Oil carriers, Tweendeckers/MPP, Reefer, Ro/Ro-Roll on Roll off vessels, PCC/PCTC - Pure car and pure car/truck carrier, Containership, LNG-Linquified Natural Gas Carriers, LPG-Liquified Petroleum Gas Carriers, passenger and cruise vessels and yachts.

  • Pistons
  • Liners
  • Exhaust valve (overhauling)
  • Main bearing
  • Crankpin bearing
  • Crosshead bearing and pin (inspection & replacement)
  • Connecting rod
  • Thrust bearing
  • Exhaust valve actuator
  • Fuel pump (overhauling & adjustment)
  • Exhaust valve actuator
  • Main starting valve
  • Starting air distributor
  • Starting valve cylinder
  • Piston crown (replacement)
  • Piston rod stuffing box (overhauling & replacement)
  • Guide shoe (inspection & replacement)
  • Camshaft chain drive & guide bars
  • Camshaft (inspection & bearing replacement)
  • Camshaft bearing and roller guide
  • Fuel valves
  • Air cooler
  • Jacket cooler
  • Lub. oil cooler
  • Shock absorber (overhauling)
  • Holding – down bolts (inspection & tightening)
  • Stay bolts (tightening or replacement)


Metamorfoseos 2, Alimos 17455, Greece
Phone: +30 210 9845780
Fax: +30 210 9845783