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Mardix - Switchgear, Power Distribution and Power Management Systems
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Mardix is the UK's leading provider of switchgear, power distribution and power management systems.

Power management systems

Intelligently designed and integrated power management systems provide engineering and management personnel with everything they need to cut energy costs, avoid downtime and optimise equipment usage. Mardix power management systems have been developed around client needs, focusing on KPIs such as power usage effectiveness (PUE), data centre infrastructure efficiency (DCiE), UPS efficiency and cooling system efficiency. This approach offers real benefits and guaranteed return on investment.

Mardix power management systems are developed through years of specialist experience in addressing key issues cost-effectively. All of our hardware and software platforms are proven, reliable and globally recognised as market leading.

Power distribution units

As the largest, most established manufacturer of power distribution units (PDUs) in the UK, good build quality is inherent in Mardix products. We have evolved our PDUs over many years and our solution is now the number one choice for data centres. Offering the most resilient PDU in the market to deliver operational and commercial benefits, we will work with you to meet your exacting requirements.

Our reduced footprint designs allow increased space for vital data centre equipment without compromising functionality. In addition, our PDUs can be designed to include the facility to fit along a wall or at the end of data cabinets and racks.

Intelligent power distribution units

Mardix intelligent power distribution units (iPDU™) enable efficient and effective critical power management. Since its launch in 2006 the Mardix iPDU has become the most widely used, longest established and reliable unit of its type. These power distribution units are currently supplying critical power to data centres across the UK and mainland Europe.

The Mardix iPDU is available in a range of options to provide flexibility, minimise cost and meet spatial requirements. For example, the end-of-rack iPDU Rack Mount™ unit is specifically designed for installation within the structure of the client's rack system.

Servicing and modifications for switchgear, power distribution and power management systems

The costs to your business of a critical power failure are extremely high, both financially and legally. That's why we have developed a high-quality service provision that can be tailored to address all of your infrastructure maintenance needs. Mardix is a one-stop shop for everything from legislative compliance to functionality protection. Services include:

  • Emergency response service
  • Planned shutdown servicing
  • Live non-invasive servicing
  • Power management system service contracts
  • Thermal image surveying
  • Retrofits and on-site modifications
  • Training for on-site personnel

Thermal trending for critical power management

Thermal inspection is recognised as the best method of identifying potential failure caused by poor terminations and overloaded components, cabling and busbars. Yet traditional thermal inspection leaves much of the operating period completely unrecorded and unmonitored. Mardix has therefore launched Mardix iTherm™ for continuous monitoring, thermal trending and alarming in a power management system.

The ability to harness internal thermal measurement on a continuous basis provides rich seams of data that puts users firmly in control of their critical power management through predictive fault analysis. Through internal thermal monitoring of switchgear on a 24/7/365 basis, Mardix iTherm detects one of the most common causes of power outages and delivers many benefits when used in conjunction with point-in-time measurements through thermal imaging.

LV switchboards

As the UK's leader in high-power switchboard solutions, Mardix has more than 40 years of cross sector experience. Whether you require a 1,250A modular switchboard or a 6,300A ASTA-certified 'L' shaped bespoke switchboard, Mardix has a solution to meet your needs. Our LV switchboard design is 100% Mardix owned and has been developed over many years. Our latest offering is the most technically advanced and feature rich offering to date.

Busbar systems

Perhaps the most important element of the LV switchboard is the advanced Mardix busbar system. Continuous research and development has allowed Mardix to incorporate new busbar innovations into our switchgear, which not only outperform similar systems but are also our most competitively priced solution to date.

Our latest busbar systems have been ASTA tested up to 6,300A (100kA for one second); they offer improved thermal performance in a more compact package. Advances in the ventilation systems within our cubicles, which do not use forced cooling, have allowed us to meet our clients' most demanding space constraints.


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