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MARINE EQUIPMENTS Suppliers/ Exporter / Stockist / Trader / Repairs / SHIP’S Engine Room Maintenance All Machinery Diesel Engines  2 Stroke / 4 Stroke / New / Reused in Good Working Condition, Complete And Spare Parts We have Available, So Your Fleet Machinery Requirement please Contact to Email -marinex@sancharnet.in;marinexmarineservices1@gmail.com - Swastika Park 2/134 OPP Sahara City Bhavnagar 364002 Gujarat India.     

Mob +91 9724235487/+91 9427336881 Tel +91 278 2939386 fax +91 278 2939386 Email –marinexmarine10@gmail.com


M/S -  MARINEX MARINE SERVICES  Our Company Established in Year 2003 We are One Of The Leading Suppliers/ Exporter / Stockist / Trader / Repairs / We are Offer is a Marine ship’s Engine Room Complete Unit machinery Parts all Solution of original Maker / Model / Type Two Stroke Crosshead  Engine and Four Stroke. Trunk Piston Engine Medium Speed / Slow Speed and High Speed Diesel Engine (main, auxiliary and emergency) Tested in Our Stocks Available and Supply to Good Price. We Have Professionally Maintenance Managed and Mechanical Engineering Organization Engaged in the Exporting and Supplying of Marine Equipments and Spares. of Machines Makers - AKASAKA / Man-B&W / B&W / BERGEN / CATERPILLAR / DAIHATSU /  DUETZ  / DOXFORD / FIAT / HANSHIN / MAN / MAK / MATSUI / MITSUBISHI / MAKITA / MWM / NIIGATA / PIELSTICK / RUSTON / SULZER / SKL / STORK / SKODA / WARTSILA / YANMAR /  Major Spare Parts - ( New / Used Good Working /Recondition ) Cylinder Blocks Frame / Cylinder Bed plate / Crankshaft / Camshaft / Cylinder Head / Cylinder Liner / Cylinder Piston / Piston Pin / Connecting Rod / Fuel Pump/ Crosshead / Crosshead Main Bearing Shell / Connecting rod Bearings, top – end Bearing / Thrust bearings / Cylinder Cover / Cylinder Piston Crown / Piston Rings / Piston Skirts / Piston Rod / Fuel Valve / indicator Valve / Safety Valve / Starting Valve / Suction Valve Spindle / Suction Valve Spindle Guide / Suction Valve Seat / Exhaust Valve Spindle / Exhaust Valve Spindle Guide / Exhaust Valve Seat / Exhaust Valve Casing / Exhaust Valve Roller Guide / Stuffing Box / Fuel Pump Block Complete / Nozzle / Plunger W/Barrel / O Rings / and Bolts / Studs / We are Suppliers to the offshore and Merchant Fleet Specialised in all Ship, New /  Working, Good Condition and Re-useable Marine Machineries, Spares and Equipments all Sourced from Demo Ship’s These Machines and Spares are Procured From Purchase India's Largest Ship Breaking Yard 'Alang' and are Committed To Provide Best Quality of Cost Effective Service Provided in Time. We are Global Supplier all Marine Engine Machines Spare Parts Available in Our Stock.  Ship’s  Engine Maintenance  Equipments Machine Parts and Spares For The Following Engines and are Ready For Dispatch as Per Your Requirement Order and Demand  Please Send Message  By Mail  We Will Provide The Lowest Prices and Best Quality, So Do Not Hesitate To Contact  Us -  marinex@bsnl.in

Description   =  New  / Recondition / Used Working Good Condition For Sale.         

Main Diesel Engine, Auxiliary Generator Engine, Alternators , Emergency Engine, Shaft Generators,Engines Crankshafts Main and Connecting Rods  –  bearings /  Top-end bearings / Thrust bearings / Crossheads and Crossheads Bearings Sale/  Automation Slow Speed Medium and High Speed Engines Crankcase Oil Mist Detection System -  Type "GRAVINER OMD  / Steering gear (engines) Main and Auxiliary MACHINERY REVERSE - REDUCTION GEAR / Turbines / Turbocharger,  Gas / air, inlet Casing / Outlet Casing / Compressor Central casing / impeller / Rotor Assembly / Nozzle Ring / Bearing / Turbine Blades / oil Pump / Spare Parts /  Filtering equipment  - OILY WATER SEPARATING / Oil fuel and lubricating oil separators / Starting air compressors  & Refrigeration Compressors / Fresh Water Generators / Sea Water Pumps / Oil Pumps  ( Pumps Types  - Centrifugal / Vertical  / Horizontal ) / Circulating Pumps of Condensers Main / Lubricating oil pumps of main engines and turbines / Screw Pumps/Boiler feed water pumps  /  Fuel Oil Transfer Pumps  / Cargo pumps / Ballast pumps  / Fire pumps  / Bilge pumps / Motors and pumps of hydraulic systems / Speed governors  -  Diesel Eng  Main & Aux generators / Bow Thrusters / Deck Equipment, Cranes, Tanker Equipment, inert-Gas System, Windlass and Anchor Capstans , Anchor Chain, Life Boats with Davit, Life rafts / Sewage Treatment Plants / Incinerators / Bolts and Studs of Engines Parts / Power Transformers / Panels/ boards Circuit Breaker Switches Ship’s all MachinesElectric Motors / Heat Exchangers / and all Navigation Equipments  etc. We Can Offer Marine Vessels Engine Room Total Solutions of Major spare parts - ( New / Recondition / Used Good Working  Condition )Tested and Complete Units as below all brands / models and makers Tested in Our Stocks Available and Supply to Good Price.

VESSELS COMBUSTION INTERNAL Machinery Engine Room Item of technical supervision all original make / model / type two and four Stroke diesel engine Major spare parts  - New / Reconditioning / Used Good Working Condition main, auxiliary and emergency The Engines product by available and 

Shall sale be delivered your ship any machines requirement Message please your Demand order. Form (marinex@sancharnet.in )

Products, All Maker Originals Brand. We have following Complete Machinery Engines and spares part available for sale.

MAIN ENGINE PARTS: Sulzer, MAN-B&W, MAK, Man, Deutz, Pielstick, Stork, Mitsubishi, Fiat, MWM, Hanshin,Wartsila, Caterpillar. 

AUXILIARY / EMERGENCY & SHAFT GENERATOR ENGINE PARTS: Daihatsu, Yanmar, Wartsila, MAN-B&W, Sulzer, Bergen, Niigata, Allen, Deutz, Caterpillar, MAK, Fiat, SKL, Stork, Ruston, Paxman, Crepelle, Mirrlees-Blackstone.

TURBOCHARGERS: ABB, MAN-B&W, Mitsubishi, KBB, Napier, SKL, Holset.         

AIR COMPRESSOR: Hamworthy, Tanabe, Hatlapa, Sperre, Yanmar, J.P.Sauer, Hydrovane, Atlas-Capco, Sullair. 


We have in Supply of Ship Equipment & Machinery Spare Parts to all ports worldwide.

We have in stock wide range of new / second hand marine spares of all types of main and auxiliary machineries so please meet your any requirement.

We look forward to your positive reply as response and you of our best services at all times, so please contact.

Awaiting Your  Reply .... Yours Faithfully

For Sale.  Marine Engine Ship Machinery Dept.

MR. Dilip.  Jotangiya.                                                                     


Email.   marinex@sancharnet.in  /  marinexmarine10@gmail.com / marinexmarineservices1@gmail.com

Mob.  0091 9724235487   /   0091 9427336881.  ( 24 / Hour Online )                   

Tel. 0091 278 2939386 Fax.  0091 278 2939386.