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KE Marine & Worldwide Diesel Power - Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance Services
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Formerly known as Chris-Marine USA, KE Marine and Worldwide Diesel Power (WWDP) has been providing outstanding services for the maritime and stationary power industries since 1980.

KE Marine and WWDP specialise in diesel engine maintenance solutions, namely, providing repair and maintenance to two and four-stroke diesel engines and turbochargers, in-situ machining, honing, grinding, reconditioning services and diesel engine spare parts supply.

Complete sales, repair and training of Chris-Marine and IOP marine maintenance equipment are also performed from our facility. We are conveniently located on the US East Coast in Jacksonville, Florida, and proudly offer our services worldwide.

Marine diesel engine overhaul repair and maintenance services

Diesel engine repair services include overhaul, maintenance and repairs for two and four-stroke, low and medium-speed marine and industrial diesel engines, turbochargers and related equipment as well as spare parts supply. We provide on-site services with trained and experienced crews ready to travel worldwide 24/7, ship, shore and underway.

In-situ grinding, honing and machining

Using the latest Chris-Marine innovations, our trained employees and machine specialists can provide solutions for your engines and their components on-site. We offer:

  • Machining of landing surfaces and installing of insert rings on engine block
  • Grinding of fuel valve and fuel pump components
  • Grinding of landing surfaces towards cylinder liner on cylinder cover
  • Valve seat and recess grinding / machining

We also offer cylinder liner maintenance and restoration: honing, cylinder liner surface machining, wave cut grinding, wear edge removal, prep and machine anti-polishing ring, milling of o-ring grooves, grinding / machining of landing surfaces on cylinder liner upper and under towards engine frame surfaces.

Parts reconditioning and spares supply for diesel engines

Should sending components out for repair and reconditioning be a better option for you, our facilities include a 26,000ft² workshop and machine shop is equipped with the latest in repair, welding and test equipment, offering all reconditioning services for cylinder heads (weld and cast iron repairs), liners, valves, pistons, etc.

Many of the in-situ services listed above are performed at our works as well as in the field. Exchange recondition programs also available with short and long-term agreements. Sales and supply of new spare parts are also available. We have a vast supply of new and reconditioned parts in our store warehouse. For more information, please visit our website. 

Marine diesel engine maintenance equipment

Originating as Chris-Marine USA in 1980, we provide sales, service and training of Chris-Marine and IOP Marine equipment to customers in north, south and central America as well as the Caribbean. Most spare parts and consumables are available from our location for immediate shipping, or are drop shipped from factory. 


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