Hertel Power Services - Energy Plant Construction and Maintenance Services, and Offshore Wind Farm Services

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Hertel Power Services - Energy Plant Construction and Maintenance Services, and Offshore Wind Farm Services
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Hertel Power Services
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Hertel Power Services helps customers maintain a secure and efficient supply worldwide - whether it is in the construction of new installations, getting the most out of existing plants, driving new technologies, or tackling the challenge of legacy facilities.

New-build energy plants

Clean coal, CCGT, nuclear, renewable, waste-to-energy; regardless of the fuel source, Hertel is well placed to help customers in the construction of new energy plants worldwide. From construction services including access, insulation and painting, to E&I and pipespool pre-fabrication, Hertel provides all of the services that are enabling the latest generation of energy plants to be constructed safely and efficiently.

In terms of mechanical services, for instance, our state-of-the-art pipespool prefabrication facilities use a complete electronic workflow, providing detailed engineering services, as built drawings and electronically tracked materials.

Energy plant maintenance services

We help our customers keep a reliable, predictable and secure production level through highly efficient maintenance services. In doing so, we help to minimise downtime during shutdowns and overhauls. As well as planned outages, we're also able to react quickly in times of unplanned outages, generating substantial savings for our customers.

Offshore wind farm training, surface preparation, coatings and mechanical services

The growth of offshore wind farms poses a new challenge for operators: how to maintain hundreds of thousands of assets in such an inaccessible environment?

Hertel is here to help. As well as directly employing IRATA rope access technicians, we train them in the skills required to maintain wind turbines in our own training school. The services we provide include surface preparation, coatings and mechanical services - all designed to optimise the productive time of your assets.

Asbestos removal services and nuclear industry expertise

The safe and cost-effective removal of asbestos poses a real economic challenge for our customers. This is a specialism Hertel has built over decades, and today we are taking on some of the biggest asbestos removal projects in the world for our customers.

Nuclear engineering expertise

Working in the nuclear industry requires specific expertise from trusted partners. With wide ranging expertise and experience of delivering projects in the most complex nuclear facilities, Hertel delivers safe, predictable and efficient services, helping our customers to take on some of the most complex engineering challenges in the industry.


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