Elsafe - Railway Power and Signalling Surge Protection Products

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Elsafe - Railway Power and Signalling Surge Protection Products
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Elsafe is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of railway power and signalling surge protection products. We manufacture a range of surge protection devices (SPDs), power and signal conditioning filters, and automatic power switching units in Australia.

We are suppliers to the majority of Australian railways organisations and our products are also used throughout New Zealand and South-East Asia, and increasingly further afield, for protection against lightning strikes, surges and transients.

Elsafe products are type approved by Queensland Rail, Aurizon, Railcorp, Metro Trains Melbourne, ARTC and PTA.

Customised surge protection development

Whether it is lightning protection for your railways signalling system or a customised SPD, Elsafe can supply it. With an Australian-based design and manufacturing team, Elsafe is quick to respond to your specific transient protection needs. Elsafe has a unique technical housing system and termination system that has the following features:

  • Quick and safe plug-in topology, guaranteeing ease of service and testing
  • Test points for non-disruptive live system monitoring
  • Wago cage terminal technology for secure quick wiring
  • A vibration and shock-proof design for reliability

The products are also custom made to suit the stringent requirements of the manufacturers of processor-based interlocking systems, such as Westrace, Microlok II and SSI.

Elsafe has a wide range of type-approved surge protection products, featuring industry standard components such as gas arrestors, also known as GDTs, metal oxide varistors (MOV), inductor and capacitor-based filters and thermal fuses.

Our range includes surge protection devices rated between 6kA and 100kA, with voltage clamping levels from 12V through to 1,200V.

SAM voltage tester

Elsafe manufactures SAM voltage testers (SVT) to help maintain your network's integrity and reduce the risk of surge-related failures.

These SVTs are portable, rechargeable battery-operated devices specifically designed to test Elsafe's range of surge protection devices (SPD) and have the capability to test other branded devices. They are suitable for testing gas tubes, carbon gaps, MOVs, Zener and avalanche diodes and thyristor devices, both as components and as complete protectors.

A set of test values details the range of acceptable clamping voltages for each Elsafe product. Each transient that a SAM cassette is subjected to shortens the lifetime and slightly degrades the performance of the internal surge arresting components. By measuring the clamping voltages during a maintenance cycle, SAM cassettes can then be replaced before they are at their end of life - enhancing the reliability of your network.

Automatic changeover units

Elsafe has an industry-leading power changeover unit specifically designed for the Australian railway industry. Its task is to intelligently switch between two independent supplies in less than 70 milliseconds to maintain power to critical loads.

For signal equipment rooms with dual supplies, Elsafe's automatic changeover unit (ACU) manages the power transfer between supplies by measuring the voltage, current, frequency and phase and using an internal smart-E-logic system to determine which supply to run from.

Surge reduction filters

Elsafe has developed a range of surge reduction filters that have been designed specifically for the harsh environment in which railways operate. There are a range of units available, from 32A single phase, through to 160A three-phase. The SRFs include both surge clamping and filtering technology with the added safety benefit of thermal fuses and remote monitoring facilities. They comply with the stringent vibration and surge let-through voltage requirements as required by the railways industry.

Elsafe has been working with the railway industry in Australia and across the world since 1998. Over the years, Elsafe has been awarded numerous accolades including an Australian Design Award for our termination module and being specified into major signal equipment manufacturer's installation guidelines.


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