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Elmeridge Cable Services - High-Voltage Cable, Accessory and Jointing Supplier
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Elmeridge Cable Services (ECS) provides specialist engineering solutions for the high-voltage cable industry worldwide. Through our network of global manufacturing partners, we can provide a complete portfolio of polymeric and paper insulated cable systems, design, jointing, commissioning and testing to meet customer requirements.

Using our in-house team of engineers and highly-trained specialist cable jointers, ECS plans and undertakes the installation and jointing of cable terminations, straight joints, oil filled transition joints and gas filled transition joints at 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and 400kV, as well as ongoing operational maintenance, upgrades and diversions.

Based in the UK, we are renowned for our rapid response times and regularly supply power cables, accessories and support services across the world, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, China, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

High-voltage power cables - XLPE and oil filled cables up to 400kV

ECS has developed a number of partnerships with highly respected manufacturers of high and extra high voltage cables, including Ericsson AB, LS Cable & Systems, Ducab HV, TBEA and CBI African Cables.

Working closely with these partners in the global marketplace, ECS can satisfy customer requirements for high-voltage cable systems, whatever the specified design and installation conditions.

ECS has particular expertise in the design, installation and jointing of high-voltage cable systems for tunnel applications.

Specialist cables - insulated cable and aluminium cable

ECS has a range of cables for specialist applications including the highly successful Universal Cable and AXAL-TT product ranges.

Universal cable is a fully insulated 12kV, 24kV or 33kV cable system that can be installed on a wood pole line, buried underground or in water. It is resistant to the action of external forces such as snow, ice and trees and in the event that the line is brought down, the public or animals are kept safe, even though the cable can continue to operate.

AXAL-TT is an all-aluminium, ruggedised design of cable that has been designed for installation using a ploughing technique. Ploughing the cable results in a rapid installation process with minimal disruption to the environment. The design allows for the incorporation of a fibreoptic cable package within the construction so that a single process installs both power and communications connections. This has proven to be extremely successful for on-shore windfarms with many inter-turbine connections.

The all-aluminium design is fully recyclable and has a minimal carbon footprint.

High-voltage cable accessories - XLPE, oil filled and transition joints

ECS can provide a complete range of accessories for XLPE, oil filled and gas filled cable systems, and has been chosen as the UK distributor for the range of 3M high-voltage cable accessories for XLPE cable (33kV to 132kV).

Transition joints from pressurised cables (oil and gas filled) to polymeric cables can be supplied. The in-house team of engineers, project managers and installation staff can also design, manufacture and install any modifications that may be required to the hydraulic or pneumatic pressurising system.

ECS engineers can also design and supply the equipment required for a specially bonded cable system to minimise losses due to circulating currents in the cable sheath. Link boxes, sheath voltage limiters and bonding leads compliant with the requirements of engineering recommendation C55/4 are available.

High-voltage cable installation

There is considerable knowledge in the company in all areas of high-voltage cable installation, with particular emphasis on pressurised cable systems, oil filled cables and gas filled cables.

The project management team can deliver high-voltage cable projects from project design and supervision of cable installation, through to commissioning and testing. The high-voltage cable jointing team are fully qualified on a range of high-voltage cable accessories at 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and 400kV on XLPE cables, oil filled cables and other pressurised cable systems.



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