Denmaksan Machine

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Denmaksan Machine
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Mustafa SAYIN
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Message from our Manager 


Dear Sirs&Layds
We want to make a brief introduction about our company.
We look forward to serving you.
Our company has been operating in Tuzla Istanbul region since 2008.
Shipowners and shipyards constitute our main customer group.
Especially to meet the shipowners demands quickly and safely
It is a priority for us.
As you may know, timely work is a precedent for ship operation.
In this regard, we guarantee you will be satisfied if you choose our company as a fast, reliable and long-term working partner.
We would like to be on your side as one of the rare companies that can provide you service all over the world

for your repair and maintenance work on board.

Please visit our website to see what we can offer you in detail.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for bidding or technical support.
With our respects


About Our Company

Machining and manufacturing steel constructions , we are making a contribution in the sector .

Activities founder of Huseyin KARAKUS tour . appropriate machinery in the production,

serving devices and equipment in our company is to make the Istanbul is our workshop.

VISION : Change and customer satisfaction by providing the conditions in the developing world ;

against making quality production environment and society ; Examples of technology and

quality in the sector included as an organization open .



MISSION : Our country , our collective , we serve our customers and our company to be an organization that creates value for employees.

 Our Main Activity list

* Pump repair and maintenance works
* Pump shaft and impeller manufacturing
* Pump mechanical seal lapping and renovation
* Pump mechanical seal shaft passing spend bracelet ring
* Pump electric motor bearing housing to be put into sacks
* Condenser and cooler maintenance
* Stainless steel deck shower manufacturing
* Door bonnet vents manufacturing
* Windlass maintenance and manufacturing jobs
* Windlass bronze bearing changes
* Generator installation and location changes
* Special alluminium&bronze&cast iron castings manufacture and processing
* Filter Box manufacturing
* Special hydraulic fittings manufacturing
* Hydraulic Piston Maintenance&wearing seal replacement 
* Hyraulic pistons productions
* Fan repairs and maintenances
* Production of aluminum wing for Fans
* Foam / fire boxes stainless steel body and cover manufacturing
* Each type / size legged coupling supply and holing
* Wide parts of the lathe work up to 1.5 meters
* Special order metal production