CT Offshore - Installation, Monitoring and Repair of Offshore and Seasea Cables

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CT Offshore - Installation, Monitoring and Repair of Offshore and Seasea Cables
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CT Offshore A/S
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CT Offshore provides a full range of cable services, including installation (inter-array cables and export cables), post-lay burial (jetting and trenching), survey consulting, maintenance, monitoring, repair and replacement.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced cable engineers bring thier extensive experience, technological precision and professional approach to every single job.

CT Offshore can provide professional consultancy before, during and after installation of cables offshore, increasing safety and stability throughout the cable lifecycle..

Subsea cable installation

However hazardous the conditions, our company has the ability to adapt and develop equipment and installation methods to ensure asuccessful subsea cable installation.

With a decade of experience and operational skills in the offshore wind power industry, CT Offshore offers the full spectrum of subsea cable installation, from planning and management to final documentation, surveying, burial, repair and maintenance.

The company has been involved in some of the most demanding offshore wind energy projects developed so far, including West of Duddon Sands, London Array, Gunfleet Sands and Greater Gabbard.

Purpose-built trenching and surveying equipment

CT Offshore owns and operates a specialised fleet of four vessels:

  • CLV SIA as DP 2 vessel

This fleet and the accompanying equipment are constantly developed according to the current projects and demand in the market.

All four vessels are also equipped with their own individual remotely operated vehicles (ROV) for trenching and surveying.

Cable installation services

CT Offshore provides efficient and reliable services for cable installation, including:

  • Cable route design and planning
  • Pre-lay surveys and site investigation
  • Burial assessment surveys
  • Route clearance
  • Light debris clearance
  • Shallow water installations
  • Load-out of cables to our own carousels from production facilities or pre-cut lengths from drums
  • Design of cable pull-in and protection systems
  • Foundations / J-tube / scour

We provide our own equipment designed specifically for the job in hand. CT Offshore's speciality is shallow water operations with DP vessels, cable installation and lay monitoring, multibeam survey of installed cables and post-lay burial by trenching.

Subsea surveys services

One of the major difficulties in working subsea is clarity. However, CT Offshore provides a variety of subsea surveys, resulting in significantly thorough data and documentation.

CT Offshore's survey services include:

  • Seabed survey (MBES, Multibeam)
  • Inspection survey
  • Depth of burial survey (DOB) by TSS350 and TSS440 surveys
  • Cable survey (complete MBES / DOB)
  • Scour survey (cable touch down, cable suspension)
  • Visual / camera survey
  • Geophysical survey (pre-planning)

CT Offshore puts safety first

Witht eh obvious dangers in operating on at-sea, CT Offshore puts safety first in all operations. Our safety and quality policies are clearly defined and integrated by our personnel. The company also enforces a 'no blame' policy to encourage the reporting of all incidents, in order to continue developing our standards.

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