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Ardmore Shipping Corporation
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Simon Phillips
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Ardmore Shipping Corporation (“Ardmore”) is engaged in the ownership and operation of product and chemical tankers in worldwide trade.

Ardmore commenced operations through its predecessor company in 2010, an opportune time to create a new shipping company with ambitious long-term growth plans. Ardmore has developed into a first-class organization dedicated to the very best operating practices, customer service and operational efficiency – enabled by a solid financial foundation to support well-timed growth and the agility to seize new opportunities.

Ardmore provides shipping services to customers through voyage charters, commercial pools and time charters. It enjoys close working relationships with its key commercial and technical management partners, and views the continued development of these relationships as crucial to its continued success.

At Ardmore we understand the challenges of international shipping operations and what it takes to excel; no matter the size of the company, Ardmore believes that its seafarers are as crucial to its success as the team ashore that supports them. Through its technical and commercial management partners and its own in-house expertise, Ardmore has the global network in place to support its seafarers and deliver shipping services safely, decisively and effectively to its customers.

Shipping is an operationally intensive business where companies work in a constantly changing commercial environment, are subject to stringent regulations, and trade to all parts of the globe.  Furthermore, shipping companies compete in a cyclical and capital-intensive business environment which rewards only those who keep a sharp lookout for opportunities, have the resources and resolve to act on them, and maintain a tight control on risks and costs.


Ardmore embraces the challenges of this complex and competitive environment, where in order to excel we must:

  • Have a total dedication to quality of operations, crew welfare, health and safety
  • Total commitment to the protection of the environment; working with regulators, authorities and associations to ensure adherence to the highest standards;
  • Develop a collaborative working relationship with our customers by thoroughly understanding their business objectives, paying absolute attention to detail in operations, and having a commercially flexible approach to solving issues when they arise;
  • Choose to work with, and maintain a strong and trusting relationship with, the best ‘partner’ companies in order to ensure the highest standards;
  • Attract high quality seafarers and shore-based professionals by providing an organization with integrity, a clear sense of purpose, a secure shipboard working environment, a stimulating office environment, and an opportunity to grow professionally;
  • Maintain the trust of oil majors by approaching the vetting process with a complete understanding of their objectives and standards, and by using their feedback to improve and stay at the forefront of best management practices; and
  • Win the support of experienced shipping financiers through prudent risk management, good financial reporting, and sustaining their confidence in Ardmore’s continued financial viability.

We believe that by concentrating on each of these areas with passion, we will not merely meet, but exceed, the expectations of those who have placed their trust in us, and believe also that it will serve Ardmore well in the long journey ahead.

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Ardmore Shipping Corporation
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Ardmore Shipping Limited
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Mahon, Cork
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