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Al-Hamd Marine Supply
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"Al-hamd" Marine Supply is proud to introduce itself as ship Chandler Company in serving India​'s major seaports with best, economical, competitive prices with delivery in timely manner. By providing excellent services to ship Supply. 

The company is currently having expertise in ship chandeling and Different Types of supplies as below.​

(1) Navigation Light & Lamp,

(2) Ship stores equipment's 

Deck Store ( Hatch Tape,Marine Paint & Painting Equipment,Ropes, Ventilation Fan , Duck Pipes, etc)

Cabin Store ( Clinging Materials, Floor Polish, Striper, Toilet Roll ,Napkin & Kitchen Roll,wringer mop Buckets,mops,Brooms etc)

(3) Marine chemicals (lubricant Oil & etc)

(4) Life saving equipment's (Life Rafts, Life Jackets, Buoy, etc) 

(5) Fire safety equipment's (Breathing Apparatus,Fire pumps, Fire Suits,Fire Nozzles,Fire Valves & Couplings & Fire Horus pipe etc) 

(6) Hydraulic Spares(Valves,Pumps,Motors,Cylinders,Hoses etc

MAKE:Vickers,Rexroth,Staffa,Ihi,Windsor,Norwich etc) 

(7) Industrial Lubricants(Hydraulic,Engine,Gear,Refrigeration etc) 

(8) Industrial and Marine Grease, Grease Tape, Bitumen tapes

(9) Industrial Valves(Gate,Globe,Butterfly,Safety,etc) 

(10) Compressors and Its Spares(Air,Breathing,Screw,etc) 

(11) Industrial Pumps/Flow meters(Water,Oil,Chemicals) 

(12) Oil Purifiers(alfa level and Different other models) 

(13) All type of Electrics (Lamp,Tube Fittings Fixtures,Switch socket & etc)

(14) Food Provision ( Dry & Frozen & etc) 

(15) All type of Printer Cartridge

(16) All type of Oil Tank System Tape

Hermetic Uti Tape GT3,Hermetic Uti Tape GTEX ,Hermetic Uti Tape RTEX,Hermetic Sampler GT4,Hermetic Sampler GTN,Hermetic deck Valve's,MMC tape Open Body & close body, MMC Sampler Tape & Tank Leveling & etc

(17) Oil Mist Detector , ODME, Graviner, Oxygenenaliser,

(18) All type of Temperature Celebrator & Pressure Celebratory 

(19) Brize room Equipment ( Marine Radar, Gyro Compass, Auto Pilot, GPS,Ecdis, Navtex & Ais, etc)

​(20) All Types of main Engine , DG sets complete and ​Spares.

​​The above items are available from ship which are kept as spare in store as well as used.

Please contact us for your Requirements.