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AC Magellan
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Mr. Aytekin Cetinalp
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For now 13 years, AC Magellan is among the nationally and internationally significant ship repair companies and stands for quality and performance. The concept of doing repairs with as little disruption of the Charter makes the team AC Magellan a perfect partner for ship repairs and maintenance.

The success is also due to the staff and a good time management. The employees are the backbone of our company.

Our customers benefit from short delivery times and a successful collaboration and fast communication channels. Our international customers thank us through long-term relationships. In order to meet the quality requirements of international customers, AC Magellan operates an accessible and well-equipped drydock in Tuzla, a suburb of Istanbul, on the entrance to the Bosporus and a dry dock on the coast of Trinidad.


A strong team of professionals has made ​​it its mission to support its international customers reasonable - reliable and long term.

A normal situation for the 2 Shipyards is to have around 1200 people working within the
facilities including contractors. At peak times, up to 1800 people are involved in both shipyards.

This is an overview of some of the work that we have on our business sites
and partner shipyards in Tuzla and in Trinidad.


Service and Ship Repair Services:

  •           Prefabrication of steel and stainless steel piping
  •           Production of steel and stainless steel components and elements
  •           Production of steel and stainless steel pressure and non-pressurized tanks
  •           Production of steel and stainless steel for shipbuilding, industrial plants and facilities
  •           Production of aluminum, steel and stainless steel ship sections
  •           Hull cleaning and painting
  •           Sandblasting
  •           Hull Marking
  •           Cleaning of anchor chains
  •           Steel works
  •           Welding


  and much more, such as

  •           Propeller polishing
  •           Repair of shafts or rudders
  •           Repair of accident damage
  •           Repair of hydraulic systems         
  •           Repair of pipelines and facilities

  during the stay in our partner dry docks.

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AC Magellan GmbH

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27572 Bremerhaven / Germany

Tel:         +49 471 4836433

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Mr. Aytekin Cetinalp