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ABB - Protection and Control Solutions for Power Transmission and Distribution
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ABB's world-class protection and control solutions ensure reliable power transmission and distribution. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, our products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard.

This, combined with our long experience in the field and full scope of services and support, makes us a leader and pioneer in substation automation and protection. Our global service network means you will find us close to you, wherever you are in the world.

The Relion® product family offers protection and control for a wide range of applications:

  • Generators
  • Lines
  • Transformers
  • Busbars and breakers
  • Feeders
  • Motors
  • Load shedding
  • Bay control applications
  • Grid automation

Power-system protection and control products

The Relion product family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems. To ensure future-proof solutions, Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard.

These products interoperate with other IEC 61850-compliant intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), tools and systems. Their performance is sufficient to undertake comprehensive communication tasks, for example GOOSE messaging for horizontal communication.

Power-generation and transmission protection and control IEDs

The 670 series protection and control IEDs provide versatile functionality, as well as maximum flexibility and performance to meet the highest requirements of any application in generation, transmission and sub-transmission protection systems. The 670 series IEDs are capable of handling several objects with a single IED and enable many other smart solutions based on functional integration to increase availability and to optimize the cost-performance ratio while maintaining high grid reliability.

Sub-transmission network protection and control IEDs

The 650 series IEDs offer optimum 'off-the-shelf', ready-to-use application solutions. The type-tested variants are delivered equipped and configured with complete protection functionality, and with default parameters for easy handling of products - from ordering, engineering and commissioning to reliable operation.

This series introduces a number of innovations, such as a significantly reduced number of parameter settings and extended IED HMI functionality including 15 dynamic three color-indication LEDs per page, on up to three pages, and configurable push-button shortcuts for different actions. In the 650 series IEDs, most of the basic parameters are set before delivery from the factory. You only need to set the parameters specific to your application. This allows the IEDs to be quickly taken into operation.

Utility-distribution and industrial protection and control IEDs

The pre-configured Relion 630 series IEDs feature flexible functionality to adapt to different needs for feeder, transformer and motor protection and control, in utility and industrial distribution substations. The 630 series IEDs contain pre-configured application configurations, which can be freely tailored to meet the specific requirements for distribution applications.

The products also offer full freedom to build application configurations, as well as a minimised parameter setting based on default values and ABB's new global base value concept.

Compact protection and control IEDs

The Relion 615 series compact and powerful protection and control IEDs provide you with standard application configurations to meet different needs for protecting utility substations and industrial power systems. After setting the application-specific protection parameters, the IEDs are ready to be commissioned.

Patented plug-in design speeds up installation, maintenance and testing of the devices. The compact design of the IEDs makes them suitable for both new and retrofit installations.

Utility-distribution and industrial dedicated-protection IEDs

The Relion 610 series IEDs offer protection and supervision of medium-voltage power systems, for instance at large industrial plants such as power plants in the pulp and paper industry, petrochemical industry, metal industry and other power-intensive process industries.

The 610 series consists of IEDs for dedicated applications, such as feeders, and motors that are easy to set up and begin using.

Basic protection IEDs for secondary distribution applications

The Relion 605 series features basic devices that fulfil the essential protection needs in medium-voltage networks. The 605 series features self-powered numerical feeder protection designed for the protection of utility and industrial power systems, where auxiliary power is not available or cannot be guaranteed.

The compact design and mounting arrangement of the IEDs is suitable for ring main unit (RMU) applications.

Protection and control IED manager for Relion IEDs

The PCM600 protection and control IED manager provides versatile functionalities for the entire lifecycle of all Relion protection and control IEDs. The tool helps you manage your protection and control equipment from application and communication configuration to disturbance handling.

The user interface, workflow and the IEC 61850-based data model in the PCM600 are designed according to the same philosophy as the Relion IEDs, ensuring smooth and seamless integration between the tool and the IEDs.


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